Frequently Asked Questions

We have illustrated some issues people find during our instructor-led training, either live or recorded. Check here to see if yours is one of these.

Typing Your Password

Typos happen regularly.

Click the Show check box to be sure you are not accidentally transposing letters. Show password

Waiting for the provisioning of your managed controller

While your CloudBees CI managed controller is being provisioned, you might see that your managed controller is disconnected, or you might get an HTTP 503 Service Unavailable server error response code indicating that the server is not ready to handle the request. 503 Error

It’s not uncommon to wait several minutes for all your resources to be allocated, especially if there are many participants in the workshop.


If you are returning to the workshop after a time away, your managed controller may be scaled down (also described as hibernating).

The classic view (left image) shows a list of teams visible to you, depending on your permissions, with a server icon for each team. If the infrastructure is hibernating, the server icon is superimposed with a pause button. Here one server is paused and one is not. Click your team name to wake it.

The hibernation message from CloudBees CI is shown at right, and the bottom is the message while the managed controller is starting back up.

CloudBees CI managed controller top-level

In the navigation pane at the top-level of your CloudBees CI managed controller, you will see an icon to configure pipeline template catalogs. You may also see an icon to configure pipeline policies depending on which lab you have completed.

If you have added catalogs you will see them in the work area in the center, shown in the image on the right.